/// Firmware Updates

The latest Billie firmware is 7.67 (release date 01.09.2020). This is a recommended update. Please read instructions carefully and heed all warnings. If you need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us

September 1st, 2020 FW version 7.67

– fixed: The zero volume now recalibrates at every power on initialization.
– fixed: Billie no longer auto-connects to last bluetooth device when not on Bluetooth input.
– fixed: Billie automatically disconnects from Bluetooth device on standby.

– feature: connecting via bluetooth to Billie while on standby, turn on the amplifier and sets it to bluetooth input.
– feature: disconnecting from Billie on bluetooth sets Billie to standby.
– feature: muting on Bluetooth causes the connected device to pause.
– feature: enhanced Dark Mode now also turns off source lights as well as the tube lights (on remote: double click settings + volume down).

Upgrading the Billie Firmware In 10 Easy Steps