Heaven 11 /// Billie Integrated Tube Stereo amplifier

The Billie Amp /// Aural Pleasures

When was the last time that music gave you goosebumps?

Billie is a high-performance stereo amplifier made for the way we listen to music today.

No matter what your music format – Bluetooth, digital Hi-Res or vinyl – the combination of the velvety tube sound to digital accuracy makes Billie the perfect amplifier for today’s connected living.

Analog Heart / Silicon Soul

By combining the analog warmth of tubes to the precision of digital, Billie achieves a wide dynamic soundstage, a rich mellow delivery and unrivalled bass performance.

Devices are easily paired using AptX, the only audiophile-grade Bluetooth format. No WiFi or passwords necessary.

The integrated Hi-Res DAC ensures that every bit of your digital music is faithfully reproduced.

About Tubes…

Dating back over a hundred years, there’s a reason why tubes are still around today: their sound.

Tubes in audio applications are simply magical. Their special characteristics, like the articulate midrange, warm and velvety highs, make tubes irresistibly pleasing to the human ear. They bring every nuance in a recording to life.

Why the ECC99 tube?

JJ Tubes are renowned for their high quality, durability, and excellent sound. The ECC99 is JJ’s modernized redesign of the legendary 6N6P tube. We selected that particular tube for its outstanding tonal quality, airy highs and beefy mid-bass.

Different tubes have different characteristics, which means you can further personalize your sound. The Billie amp can alternately use 12BH7 tubes. 12BH7’s have a more marked roll-off and may be beneficial in certain systems and environments.

Power & Grace

While tubes are magical, they also have shortcomings. Used as amplification, they’re relatively weak and run quite hot. Tube amps are power hungry, expensive and the bass can be lacking. Fortunately, most of the tubes’ sound-signature is acquired in the preamplification stage. By carefully pairing the tube preamp to Class D amplification, we can attain the best of both worlds. Billie is a unique, pragmatic mix of old and new technology in the service of music.

Design Matters

We believe that every characteristic of Billie – the aesthetics, the way the knobs feel in your hand – contributes to your overall experience and enjoyment. Stylistically informed by hifi’s legacy, Billie adopts a utilitarian and timeless design with a focus on quality components and materials.

Billie has but 2 controls: one sets the volume, the other selects the source. There’s a great deal of complexity underneath that simplicity. The volume is actually the power knob (turn up to turn on); the source selector doubles as a mute and Bluetooth pairing button (turn or tap).

Design is not just how a product looks; design is also how it works. Good design creates a connection between people and products . We believe that products that are beautiful and easy to use and make people’s lives better.

Stereo Strikes Back

Billie brings the ritual of listening back to your living room, back to how music was meant to be experienced. We believe that stereo is the best way to experience that  “live in the room”  feeling.

Before the  “multi-room”,  there’s got to be an  “in the room”.

This Amp Goes to Eleven

Made of aircraft grade aluminium, stainless steel, hand-crafted wooden knobs and premium parts, Billie is built to last.

Designed and made in Montreal, Canada. A 5 year warranty comes standard.

$1650 USD / $2150 CAD

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