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When was the last time music

gave you goosebumps?

Stereo Strikes Back

Billie is a high-performance stereo amplifier made for the way we listen to music today.

The audiophile-grade Bluetooth, high-end DAC, vinyl input and smooth tube sound make Billie the perfect amp for today’s connected living.

Aural Pleasure

It’s not about  “multi-room”,  it’s all about  “in the room”.

The stereo system is still the best way to experience that  “live in the room”  feeling.

Billie brings the ritual of listening back to the living room, going beyond headphones and Bluetooth speakers, back to how music was meant to be experienced.

Analog Heart / Silicon Soul

Billie combines the analog warmth of a tube preamp with the precision of digital amplification. The result is a wide dynamic soundstage with a rich mellow delivery and better bass performance

Easily pair all your devices using AptX, the only audiophile-grade ‘lossless’ Bluetooth format. No WiFi or passwords necessary.

The integrated Hi-Res DAC ensures that every bit of your digital music is faithfully reproduced.

 $895-$995 USD / Pre-orders starting at $745 USD 

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This Amp Goes to Eleven

Billie: your music never sounded better.