Billie MK2 | Firmware Updates

The latest firmware version is 3.03 (release date 26.02.2023). This is a recommended update. Please read instructions carefully and heed all warnings. If you need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us

FW version 3.03

– Added a ‘tube wink’ confirmation to standby/off command.
– Enhancement of the volume response curve: lower minimum volume; greater range of control, especially in the low and high extremes. Your usual listening volume position will probably shift upwards, but overall amplification is the same.
– Debug of the remote volume command: the volume and hold command direction would mix in some instances.

FW version 3.0

This is a major update which brings about several key enhancements, most notably for the digital inputs’ Tube-Saver feature. Read details here.

– Changes to the remote and settings. PDF printout dowload here.
– Adjustments to the volume response curve, fade-ins and fade-outs.
– The source leds now change instantly when altering direction on the source knob.
– Some users would get a spinning volume knob motor on standby. We’ve addressed the issue with a stabilized wake and standby routines that delays the tubes’ power relay switching. (The relay produces that clicking sound.)
– 10-second mute applied to the beginning of tube warmup. This eliminates parasitic noises on the yet unstable, cold tubes. You may still get some noises if you rapidly yank the volume on startup. A fix: just raise the volume like a normal human would.
– Code optimization and miscellaneous fixes.

Upgrading the Billie Firmware