Billie Amp in black. Tube Class D Bluetooth

The Billie Amp

An integrated stereo amplifier designed for the modern music lover

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When was the last time music gave you goosebumps?

Billie plays a wide range of music formats, be they digital or analog, streamed or physical. Enjoy ALL your music collection instantly, without the need for an external DAC, streamer or phonostage. Everything is already included in this elegant, compact device.

Connect your turntable to our acclaimed phonostage -or pair your phone using aptX Bluetooth. For digital, our Hi-Res DAC ensures that every bit of your music is faithfully decoded.

Analog Heart | Silicon Soul

Billie is made for music enthusiasts by music enthusiasts.

We started this project seeking to unite retro analog warmth and articulation to modern day precision and power. Adopting an “Old School meets New School” approach, we experimented with matching a first-rate tube pre to an audiophile-grade Class D amp.

After many failures and setbacks, the Billie Amp was born. This singular combination delivers a wide, dynamic soundstage, a silky-smooth top-end, and fast, punchy bass.

By merging today’s technology to yesterday’s craft, Billie delivers your music beautifully.